Get rolling in a belly tickling sensation in Chiang Mai!


www.actionadventureasia.comGo for the most active bouncing ride of your life or even walk on water with a Zorb ball (occasionally also referred to as: Xorb ball). Our gigantic inflatable balls with a 3.3 meter diameter, that is well over double the height of most people, permit up to two persons to undergo an unmatched rolling and tumbling ride down a specially constructed 100 meter descent.



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The Zorb balls are launched from an elevated platform in order to rapidly accelerate them to maximum speed. Our playing area is located in a tantalizing garden next to a lake. This also means that after the 100 meter slope, you can eventually take the Zorb balls onto the water.


It’s all safe and fun for young and old, with non-stop laughter assured.


After climbing into the hollow center, our staff will harness you securely. Subsequently, when you give them your ok, they will spin you to the starting point. And then the adventurous rush starts as you roll, tumble and bounce really fast. You will sense an exceptionally funny feeling which will inevitably generate uncontrollable laughter.


www.actionadventureasia.comEither ride the Zorb on your own, or in tandem with a friend. Extreme fun is guaranteed. But bear in mind that laughing is contagious. So when you see your friend scream and chuckle during the joyride, the pleasure increases for sure.


Riding a Zorb ball is an ideal adventurous activity for friends or even large groups. Zorb is not only a fun thing to do, it is also highly enjoyable to watch. And we do have plenty of Zorb balls so waiting time can be kept short.


A minimum age of 9 years is obligatory for safety reasons, and children must be big enough in order to get strapped into the harness.




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